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Support for a Fallen Soldier

Old 11-03-2005, 07:30 AM
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Default Support for a Fallen Soldier

Picked this up on another group, ( ) if you are in the area you might want to show up. I will monitor his site because he is expanding the area he takes his protests they have gone as far as OR, and if he show up with 500 miles of AZ I will be there. If you go this should be to just put a barrier between them and the funeral, maybe fire the bikes up to block out thier BS.

They next planned protest is Funeral of Army Spc. Christopher T. Monroe - 10 a.m., Saturday, Nov. 5, Concordia Lutheran Church, 4245 Lake Ave., Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Let some people know.

Here is some of what thier banners say, taked from thier web site,

Our banners, with their heart piercing words, read such glorious things as, Thank God For Dead Soldiers, Thank God For IEDs, America Is Doomed, and God Hates America.
__________________________________________________ ____________________

Don't know how many have been following the story, or have heard news reports of this:

Fred Phelps from Topeka and his group of wackos have been protesting at the funerals of our soldiers killed in combat. There have been a few times now that bikers have gotten together to form a barricade between Phelps and the family of the soldier. Also, the bikers have revved their motors to hopefully drown out the crap that Phelps is spewing.

I'm sure I'm not getting my & Dana's complete disgust for this jerk across to y'all.... but here's more information so you can decide how you feel. A friend of ours from KC attended one of these funerals just last week, and this is how he described what happened.


We had a very good turnout!

Here's my take on the day.... I rolled in to Tonganoxie about 9:30. I'm not sure how I felt about this. All I knew was that I had to be here. The sign on the bank said 44 degrees. Big deal, I lost feeling in my fingers 20 miles ago. The original meeting spot was at Casey's, but our ranks were quickly outgrowing the parking lot, so we were relocated to a grocery store parking lot that could handle the 190+ bikes that showed up. We were grouped up and had a briefing, a prayer was said and we started lining up waiting for the call to head out. Our leader reminded us that we were there to show support for this family and community and we will not allow his memory to be desecrated (and I think he looked at me when he said "No Profanity").
11:40 we got the call, two abreast we rolled in, BIG flags in front. First were the American flags, followed by POW, American Legion, USMC, Navy, Air Force, Army and Coast Guard. Flags lined the streets and flags were on every bike.
As we're pulling out, I think about my kids. My kids that are the same age as this kid I've never met, never even heard of until 2 days ago. I think about his 20 year old widow. I feel for his parents whose son was shot on his birthday, and I think about how disgusted I am that these vermin-scum are here to taunt these grieving people. I have a huge lump in my throat and my vision's getting blurry. I wonder why this is necessary.

We arrived, parked and got off our bikes. We can see their signs. Now I'm mad again and, at this point, all I want is one swing at the bastards. The 200-plus of us gather across the street and for the first time I get a close look at the dickweeds. There's maybe 8 of them and most of them are freaking KIDS!! A couple were college age, most were younger, there's a young girl maybe 8yrs old and she looks like she's dancing, but there's no music...big smile, dancing, laughing and jumping around. I watched her for a bit before I realized, she's stomping on the AMERICAN FLAG (insert massive expletives here!!) !! I'm shocked! I can't F*CKING BELIEVE THIS! (for those who know me, you know how hard it was for me to go this far into the story without the "F word").
As a group, we turned our backs to the vermin-scum, they're not worthy of our time.
I'm quietly reminding myself that I didn't come here to fight, I'm here to try to help. I glance up on the roof...police sniper watching those freaks, cool!
About that time a woman starts singing. I can't tell who it is and I can't hear her very well, but it sounds like "God Bless America". It got kind of quiet & I realized that she's singing "God HATES America"!! ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?? I can feel my face getting red, I spot a tire iron lying on the ground (just in case). Our group drowns her out with the Pledge of Allegiance.

My mind is kind of in a daze at this point. To me, it's very ironic to think that the man in the casket died protecting the FREEDOM of the low-life scumbags standing at his funeral STOMPING on the flag!!

That freaking lump in my throat is back and my vision is blurry again. I'm thankful for dark sunglasses.

I'm telling myself (again) that I'm not here to fight, but I can't stop feeling disgusted. It's one thing to express your opinion and/or religion, but this guy is exploiting this freedom of expression in some backwards *** attempt to **** on the grave of someone's child. If that wasn't low enough he sends CHILDREN, little KIDS, to do his dirty work.
Why is an 8 year olds holding signs that say "God hates ****"? What does someone tell an 8 year old to validate this kind of behavior? What kind of reasoning are you using to tell your 8 year old that she needs to hate **** and "today we're going to drive to a funeral and when we get there, you're going to hold up this sign and 200 angry grown ups are going to yell at you!"
There is something obscene here, something so surreal that my feeble mind cannot fathom.

Stupidity breeding hate. Kids holding signs preaching hate. His stupidity is obvious, his hate is contagious, he must be eradicated. I'd be happy to handle the task.

I left home this morning on my bike with the sole purpose of lending a hand. I came to pay homage to 22 year old Spc. Lucas Franz. I somehow hoped that my being there would provide some amount of comfort to his young widowed wife, and his parents and family. I never met him, but I'll remember him and this day for a long time. I've never had a day like today where my emotions were run through the gamut. It's 3 am and I still can't stop the tears.

To get a real grasp on this sick individual go to: (BE ADVISED: DISTURBING)

Ride safe!
Support our troops!!

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Old 11-10-2005, 07:04 AM
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I thought christians were supposed to be forgiving. These guys sound like they would like to be part of the taliban. I feel sorry for them but I would still like to kick their asses all up and down the street. If they plan to protest around my house I'll make it point to be there to shut them up.

On a lighter note. If anyone is going to be around Nekoosa, WI tomorrow my Legion post is going to be doing a Flag Raising for Veterans Day at Rainbow Casino. Also the Ho-Chunk Nation is having a Veterans Pow-Wow at Volk Field in Camp Douglas on Sat. Nov. 12.
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Wish I was in WI for that one, I'd stop by. I'm stuck here in breezy Philly. As far as supporting soldiers, it makes me sick to see people disgrace the people that fight everyday for their very freedom.

Last week I attended another funeral of a fallen soldier, somebody I actually went to high school with and had the honor of working with on occassion. Personally, that makes 5 people that I personally know who were killed in action. Yes, I wish these people weren't dead, but they served our country proudly and deserve respect for their sacrifices.
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How is everyone doing? My name is Josh and I am a E-5 in the Coast Guard. I have a brother who also serves in the Army doing his 2nd tour in Iraq right now. After reading about this it is a good thing that I can't get my hands on this guy. The thought of doing that at anyones funeral is bad enough, but to do it at the funeral of a fallen soldier who payed the highest price for your freedom really gets my blood boiling. I want to thank all of you that attended and showed the respect that was well deserved. I just know that God forbid that was one of my friends or family members that man wouldn't have walked away.
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It will not be a good day for these scumbags if I hear them talking their trash. You don’t have to love the war or this country, but you better damn well respect the men and women that give you the freedom that WE ALL enjoy. To paraphrase South Park, “America is the home team, and if you are not going to root for the home team get the Fuc$ out of the stadium.” Take Care and Ride Safe.
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Default Suzuki recalls 2005-2006 GSX-R1000 motorcycles over fracturing frames

Suzuki, makers of the GSX line of sportbikes, has issued a recall on 26,082 GSX-R1000 motorcycles from 2005 and 2006. The trouble area is reportedly the bike's frame, specifically behind and below the steering neck near the front triple clamps. When ridden particularly aggressively – which we'll get to in a moment – this area is susceptible to cracking. If Suzuki finds any damage to any frame, it will be replaced with a newly reinforced unit. If no damage is found, a special brace will be added and covered by a new five-year warranty.

So, what constitutes aggressive riding? Let's be honest. A good portion of literbike riders enjoy lofting the front wheel from time to time, even on the street where such antics can get you into big trouble. The reality, though, is that these bikes were designed to perform at the highest level under a relatively narrow window of operation, specifically in rounding a race track as quickly as possible. Stunting and hard landings after long wheelies puts lots of stress on the bike that engineers weren't necessarily counting on dealing with. That said, we applaud Suzuki for recognizing a dangerous situation and rectifying it.
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